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Couple Therapy

When emotions are heightened, do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to properly address issues?

Whether you are looking to strengthen your marriage as you go through life’s challenges, or to work on a relationship that is struggling with issues such as communication, intimacy, parenting, in-laws, infidelity or loss, our Couple Therapy can help you gain strategies for change and improvement. I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT), and from this knowledge base steeped in attachment theory, I have developed an anger management program for couples. Watch for the upcoming book: Over the Walls of Anger, Into Each Other’s Arms: Managing Anger Through the Lens of Attachment Theory.

Recognize your familiar patterns and negative interactions that send you into a downward spiral

Find help through:

Over The Walls Of Anger, Into Each Other’s Arms

Anger Management Program – Couples Therapy (EFT) 

 Ten sessions through the book, covering:

  • emotion regulation tools
  • communication tools
  • attachment needs
  • anger
  • stress management
  • emotional needs
  • depression/anxiety
  • controlling your thoughts
  • apologizing and forgiving
  • conflict resolution
  • the role of faith (optional)

Over the Walls of Anger, Into Each Other’s Arms is a Couple Therapy anger management program based on the book of the same title.

If you have ever found yourselves caught up in a cycle where Partner One’s angry outbursts push Partner Two into a seething silence that infuriates Partner One even more, then this program is for you.

This is a program based on attachment needs — the inherent need each person has for connection. Anger is, more often than not, a natural response when our significant couple relationship is in danger of being torn apart.

This program provides tools for creating a stronger connection, building communication skills, understanding the role that family of origin plays in the way we express anger, through underlying emotions that fuel anger, and addresses the impact that depression and anxiety have on anger. It covers how to apologize effectively, how to forgive, and it wraps up with conflict resolution skills in order to move forward in harmony.

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT)

Do you ever have that “here-we-go-again” feeling in the pit of your stomach when you argue?

  • a short-term approach (average 8 to 20 sessions)
  • empirically reliable
  • expands & reorganizes emotional responses
  • creates new interactions and new relational patterns
  • fosters the creation of a secure bond between partners

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I primarily use Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) to help you discover what is happening behind the stress and anger that both you and your partner experience when there is marital discord. I can help you recognize your familiar patterns and negative interactions that send you into a downward spiral, and help you learn to respond to one another with less anger, and greater empathy and insight. With EFT, as a couple you will be able to create a safe emotional connection so that when emotional stress hits, you will be able to turn toward each other to support one another.

Premarital Counselling

Are you ready to make a permanent commitment, but wondering how compatible you really are?

Using the Prepare/Enrich Program, couples are given comprehensive assessments, feedback and skill-building exercises that will help them examine their strengths and growth areas, develop conflict resolution skills, and learn how to overcome stumbling blocks. I offer this program for premarital counselling, marriage preparation, and marriage enrichment, and it is, of course, equally effective for common-law relationships.

Parenting Skills

Do you and your partner have differing parenting styles?

Parenting can be very fulfilling while at the same time being a very taxing and frustrating experience. As parents, we may face trust and respect problems, school performance issues, anxieties, depression, withdrawal, or anger in our children and adolescents. When our children are failing to make healthy and appropriate life choices, we face considerable challenges. I can help you master parenting skills that will help each family member manage anger and frustration while developing respect for one another.

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