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Individual Therapy

Over the Walls of Anger Management Program

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Explore, process, and overcome emotions hidden behind anger; choose whether to follow the program or veer off in a direction that speaks to you based on your specific needs.

  • Heal from the effects of past hurts while learning to constructively use your emotions, building better personal and workplace relationships.
  • Learn ways to express ideas and feelings without anger and aggression through Assertiveness Training.

Depression Treatment

Sympatoms of Depression

Depression can occur in many forms; it can be mild, moderate to severe. If you feel like you're walking around with a weight on your shoulders or heavy boots on your feet, therapy can positively affect depression.

  • Safely communicate
  • Resolve conflict
  • Practice listening skills
  • Practice regulating emotions
  • Practice mutual respect
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries


If reconciliation is your mutual decision, let us help make it safe.

Addiction Counselling

Addition Counselling for drugs, gambling sex, alcohol.

Addiction Therapy addresses the challenges that come from overcoming addiction and its recovery process.

  • Identify feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and other lingering emotions that impact your ability to remain clean.
  • Establish a treatment plan that breaks the cycle of addiction and destructiveness. Find healthier ways to manage triggers, coping mechanisms and stress.

Anxiety/Panic Attacks

anxiety (1)

When anxiety and panic interfere with your ability to cope with day-to-day activities, you can rise above high anxiety and panic attacks through proper therapy.

  • Our approach consists of using physiological, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive behavioural therapy to overcome panic disorder.
  • Treatment plans include coping strategies to decrease debilitating panic attacks.

Relationship Issues

relationship (2)

Do you need help with your relationship, but your partner is unwilling to attend therapy?

  • We always prefer both partners to attend therapy; however, one partner learning how to make change will create positive improvement in a relationship.
  • Address conflict and struggles over past unresolved issues.

Trauma Recover/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

zen (1)

Trauma may be something minor that had a significant inner impact or something as terrifying as a life-altering event or major accident in your life.

  • We help to diminish the reoccurrence of trauma symptoms, restoring a sense of peace. Our therapists are specifically trained in trauma recovery.

Assertive Communication Skills

talk (1)

During a conflict, do you raise your voice, or do you clam up because you're unsure how to best communicate?

  • Learning practical communication skills will help you resolve issues, whether it's within individual, couple or family therapy.
  • Stand up for your rights and express your needs without using aggression or anger. Learn how to better respect yourself and others.

Build Self-Esteem


How you view your self-worth affects every area of your life and all your relationships.

  • Therapy will help you strengthen your self-esteem by changing the way you think.
  • Overcome disappointment, manage emotions and bring healing to unresolved pain that might be the root of the problem.
  • Rewrite your story to include self-compassion and a healthier appreciation for yourself.

Grief Counselling


Grief is a natural reaction to loss, through death, divorce, physical ability or loss of future plans or dreams.


  • With Grief Counselling, you will work through the joy and pain of memories while moving forward toward new beginnings.
  • Address the sense of incompleteness and unfinished emotional business by putting your thoughts into words.

Christian Counselling


Benefit from non-judgemental Christian Counselling.

  • Receive biblically-based emotional healing and strength through practical clinical strategies, all integrated with prayer and inner healing.
  • Being a Christian means being able to walk in freedom from the bondage of emotional and psychological dysfunction. Receiving the freedom that Jesus promised is a battle that you can win.

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