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Workplace Relationships

Do you have employees who could do with brushing up on interpersonal relationships?

Workplace relationships are similar to family relationships. Different personalities, likes and dislikes, varying roles, ages and responsibilities inevitably breed conflict. For the most part, employees work things out by using basic conflict resolution and communication skills. On occasion, disputes become too emotionally charged to be resolved with simple tools. It’s unrealistic to expect that people will keep emotions out of the workplace. After all, emotions are natural. They teach us about ourselves and others, they help us to connect with others, build an environment of belonging, and they motivate us to respond to our own needs and the needs of others. But when emotions are heightened, professional help may bring the best and lasting solution.

Workplace relationships are similar to family relationships.

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) provides a template for working with conflictual relationships in the workplace. It helps people identify emotions linked to the need for acceptance and compassion. It helps people build their emotional intelligence so that they can see situations in a broader light. It helps people work together better, adjust to change, and be flexible.

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